Show of Support
is an online exhibition raising money for organizations and artists that have felt the harsh effects of Covid-19 resulting in the global lock-down.

We have gathered over 100 artists each of whom have submitted one artwork to be exhibited online for the duration of the exhibition. Given the adverse effects this global shutdown is having on emerging artists, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck, we have decided to allocate 50% of proceeds to participating artists, and the remaining 50% to be split evenly between our 3 charities. (Artists are free to donate a higher percentage, at their own discretion)


is an all-volunteer, emergency grassroots initiative that has teamed up with 'Black Alliance for Just Immigration' to bail out thousands of people who are being held pretrial at Rikers simply because they can't afford to pay bail. Among them are hundreds of medically vulnerable individuals. Jails and prisons are the epicenters of COVID-19. Rikers Island has the highest rate of infection in the world. They are a 100% volunteer-run, grassroots collective of individuals and organizations engaging in an emergency bailout. 

The Self Evident Truths Project 
Queer visibility project that has pivoted in light of Covid-19 to raise money for low income queer, trans, elderly, people of color, and families with children. 100% of funds raised will be given as direct cash to these groups in need.

Women’s aid 
Grassroots federation working to provide life-saving services to women who have been victims of domestic abuse. Studies have already shown a rise in domestic violence during the current global lock-down, putting those experiencing domestic abuse at further risk. Women’s Aid is working tirelessly to build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated.


Fundamentally, Show of Support believes that by supporting artists and charitable organizations alike, we can simultaneously share incredible works of art with a wider community, while supporting those most in need in this very unfortunate and uncertain time.