We believe that by supporting artists and charitable organizations alike we can spread the wealth amongst our creative communities whilst supporting many deserving individuals in communities affected by the COVID-19 crisis.


Corona Courier is a mutual-aid group of NYC cyclists providing a free delivery service to at-risk and low income community members during the COVID-19 public health crisis. They have around 350 volunteers located across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx. 100% of money donated will be used to help get groceries and medical supplies to those most in need.


Self evident truths project is a queer visibility project that has pivoted in light of covid-19 to raising money for low income queer, elderly, POC, trans people and families with children. 100% of funds raised is given out as direct cash to those in need.


 Women’s aid is a grassroots federation working to provide life saving services to women who have been victims of domestic abuse. Worldwide reports are showing a rise in domestic violence since the global lockdown - for those experiencing domestic abuse, home is not a place of safety. Women’s Aid is working tirelessly to build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated.